Friday, October 10, 2014

I Met Aaron Carter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you were alive during the 90's then you know Aaron Carter was a pretty big deal.  He was also one of my many idols.  He is now coming back with new music.  Last night he came to Nebraska and of course I went!  Things happened that I was NOT expecting.  First while we were waiting outside he came out of his bus.  He started talking to my sister and I and then he invited us personally to watch his soundcheck! We were dying!  I tried to get front row but I got second instead.  It didn't matter though because during the concert he touched my cheek while he sang THEN I sang I Want Candy into his mic! It was SO awesome!  I had meet and greet passes so we met him after.  He was holding the meet and greet on his bus, which I can't get on, so he personally came out to meet us.  When I met him after he kissed my cheeks and took selfies AND then he gave me his beanie hat! How is this real life!!!!!  He also gave us his number!  I wish I was back there already!