Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quiz Tuesday: What’s Your “Friends” IQ?

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!  I've been gone but I promise I'm back now!  Today's quiz is going to be very exciting.  It's all about my favorite TV show Friends.  It's called What’s Your “Friends” IQ?  I rewatch episodes so I should do a pretty good job.  Although I have the board game and I'm not great.  It could go either way.  You can take the quiz with me here.  Share your answers below and remember no cheating! ;)

I got 6 out of 15!  The description says: Friends Amateur - You know at least some Friends trivia, but it’s time to brush up!

In my defense those questions were hard!  I kept changing my answers too.  I promise I know more trivia!  I'll do better next time.