Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 1: 20 Random Facts

Welcome to day 1 of the 30 day blog challenge!!!!!!!  Today's question is tell 20 random facts about myself.  Before I list those I'll tell you the basics.  I'm Jerica and I'm 22, almost 23 since my birthday is next month.  I'm from America and my favorite color is pink.  Now that you know the basics, let's find out about the randomness!!!!

  1. I collect snow globes.  My goal is to own one from every state.
  2. I'm obsessed with peace signs.
  3. I'm right handed.
  4. I eat ice cream at least once a day.
  5. I'm addicted to movies and I own over 200.
  6. My favorite food is pizza.
  7. My lucky number is 15.
  8. My favorite football teams are the Vikings and Ohio State.
  9. I own over 20 pairs of sunglasses.
  10. I love music.  I have over 1600 songs on my iTunes.
  11. I love reality TV.
  12. Cupcakes are my favorite.
  13. I go to at least one concert a year.
  14. I love all infomercials and always want to buy them.
  15. My favorite pop is Dr. Pepper.
  16. I didn't eat McDonalds for 2 months after watching Super Size Me.
  17. I love to read baking blogs.
  18. Kit kats are my favorite candy bar.
  19. Ashton Kutcher is my favorite actor.
  20. My favorite scent is Sweet Pea.

I hope you guys join me in the 30 day challenge so I can know you guys better.  Enjoy!!!!!!