Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer Series 2014: Summer Wardrobe Staples

Happy Saturday!  It's time for another Summer post.  If you guys want more after this series is over let me know.  You can leave suggestions in the comments or email me at  Today I'm going to talk about my wardrobe staples for this time of year.  I wanna know your go to clothing piece for Summer!  Let's get started!

Graphic Tees: I'm obsessed with graphic tees!  I wear them TONS.  I just love how it can express my personality without me saying anything.  Plus you can dress them up or down.

Jean Shorts: These are a must because it is just SO hot out!  I don't like them high waisted though because I feel like they are too unflattering.  Too short isn't attractive either.

Cardigan/Hoodies: You probably think this is an odd choice.  It can be super hot one second and then freezing the next.  So I just always keep one with me at all times.

Maxi Skirts: I've hopped on the maxi skirt/dress trend and I'm loving it!  They are just very comfortable and you can wear them anywhere.

Sandals: I love sandals!  I usually wear flip flops but now I prefer sandals because they are dressier.