Monday, August 20, 2012

4 Ways To Glam Up Your Dorm

It's almost fall which means school is back in session.  Dorm rooms can be very plain and boring.  Nobody wants to live a drab place.  So why not add your own style and turn plain into glamorous!  Here are 4 ways to do just that.  Enjoy!

1.  Bedding
Since your bed is a huge part of your dorm then your bedding should set the tone of the room.  Do you want neutral colors or bright crazy patterns?  Your bedding should also reflect your personality.  For me, I'm a very bubbly person so I tend to go toward brighter bedding.  Bright colors can still be classy as long as you don't over do it.  If you want a neutral feel, add a few throw pillows for a pop of color.

This bedding is from and cost $25-$89.  It's bright and fun but not too over the top.
Funky Zebra Organic Duvet Cover & Pillowcases

2.  Pictures
Depending on  where you go to school you may not get to see your family as often.  Having photos of your family and friends will make you feel more at home.  If you prefer hanging your pictures on a cork board then glam it up.  Go to your local craft store and purchase 4-6 squares of cork depending on how big you want your board to be.  Then cover each square with a different fabric using staples.  Using a hot glue gun, glue your squares together to form a giant square.  After it has dried, attach a piece of ribbon to the back so your board can hang on the wall.  Picture frames are also a great way to add decor to your room.

This is collage frame with 10 picture slots.  It cost $34.99 and is from
Umbra Loft - 10 Opening Collage Frame - Black.Opens in a new window 
3.  Decor
Bare walls are boring and not fun.  Decor should really reflect who you are.  Put posters of your favorite band.  Add a chalk or dry erase board and draw fun designs.  Hang a string of colorful lights around your bed or window.  You can even put up a wall mural.  Just make sure not to make your dorm look cluttered.  
 This wall mural is from and cost $99.
Key West Wall Mural 
 4.  Furniture

The size of your room will determine how much furniture you can add.  A TV is an essential item to have.  You can't spend all your time studying right?  Having a small fridge in your room is nice to keep food or drinks available for whenever you want.  Adding a bean bag or lounge chair is great if you have friends visiting or maybe you just want to lounge while you study.

This peace sign bean bag is also from  It costs $50-$149 and you can even have it personalized with your name.