Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall TV 2012

One of my favorite things about fall is that all my favorite TV shows are back.  Plus there are also new shows to watch.  I'm a bit of a TV junkie so I try to check out as many of the new shows as possible.  I decided to share what I will be watching this fall.  Let me know what you guys will be watching or if you have recommendations for me.

Glee: I'm a HUGE Glee fan and can't wait to see what happens since half of the original cast graduated last season.  I hope it doesn't change too much.  It premieres September 13 on FOX.

Dancing With The Stars: It's All Star season!!  I will be blogging every episode so subscribe if you want to know all about it.  It premieres September 24 on ABC.

Blue Bloods: This is the only cop show I watch every week.  I like how it is about family values and not just solving crimes.  Plus Donnie Wahlberg is hot.  It premieres September 28 on CBS.

Grey's Anatomy: The finale left so much hanging that I can't wait to find out what happened.  Who will live and who won't?  I guess we'll find out soon.  It premieres September 27 on ABC.

Happy Endings: This is my favorite comedy on TV.  My only problem is I wish it was an hour instead of half hour.  It premieres October 23 on ABC.

New Girl: I wasn't sure about this show at first but after a few episodes I really liked it.  I hope Nick and Jess get together this season.  They are perfect for each other.  It premieres September 25 on FOX.

Revenge: I'm most excited for this show to start.  My grandma got me hooked on this show.  The finale was so crazy that I just want to know what happened.  It premieres September 30 on ABC.

Touch: I love this show.  It always keeps you guessing and trying to figure out the connections.  My mom, grandma, and I never miss an episode.  I can't wait to see what happens now that they are on the run.  It premieres October 26 on FOX.

Scandal: I randomly started watching this on Hulu one day and was instantly obsessed.  I love everything about this show and the finale was so good.  It premieres September 27 on ABC.

Chicago Fire: I want to check this show out because there isn't any shows that focus on firefighters.  I'm interested to see what it will be about exactly.  It premieres October 10 on NBC.

Emily Owens M.D.: People are probably over medical drama shows but this one seems different than the others.  The main character is played by Meryl Streep's daughter.  If she is as good as her mother then I think this show will be a hit.  It premieres October 16 on CW.

Go On: I watched the pilot when it aired after the Olympics.  I really liked it.  Matthew Perry is great for this show.  It premieres September 11 on NBC.

Made In Jersey: I will be checking this out because it sounds interesting.  She is trying to become a lawyer in Jersey but kind of looks like Snooki.  It premieres September 28 on CBS.

Nashville: This show reminds me a lot of the movie Country Strong which I loved.  If it is as good as that movie then I will definitaly love it.  It premieres October 10 on ABC.

The New Normal: This show was written by the same guy who wrote Glee.  It looks pretty good and also funny.  It premieres September 11 on NBC.

Vegas: I'm actually really excited for this show.  First of all, I love Dennis Quaid.  Secondly, it is set in the 60's which is my favorite era.  It premieres September 25 on CBS.