Friday, March 7, 2014

Book Review: The Divergent Series!

I just finished reading the Divergent Series so I thought I would review them.  First of all I absolutely LOVED this series.  If you enjoy dystopian type of books I highly recommend these.  At first I thought it would be like Hunger Games because there are five main factions.  Each faction has a specific trait.  Abnegation stands for selfless.  Candor stands for honesty.  Amity stands for peacefulness.  Erudite stands for knowledge.  Finally Dauntless stands for bravery.  It is set in the future in Chicago.  The stories focus on Beatrice or Tris.  In the first book you follow Tris through her faction initiation.  On Choosing Day a big ceremony is held and you can either choose to stay in your born faction or go to a new one.  I can't really talk about they other two books without ruining it for you guys.  So I'll just share my thoughts.  I thought it was much better than Hunger Games.  It's a very quick and easy read because you'll just be so hooked!  The ending had me crying so prepare yourself.  I will be seeing the film so look a review on that.  If you've read these books tell me your thoughts in the comments.