Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bowtique By Jacqueline Review

Hey guys!  A few weeks ago I met a girl from HCBN who ran Bowtique By Jacqueline.  It is an online Etsy store.  She sells many different items such as hair bows, no crease ponytails, and decals.  I got a circle  monogrammed decal and I love it!  I'll put the picture below.  It comes in multiple colors.  They are Black, White, Hot Pink, or Lavender.  The quality is amazing!  I had no trouble transferring the decal from the paper to where I wanted it.  I chose to place it on my mini fridge because I wanted to brighten it up.  Plus I look at it daily.  You can place the decals inside or outside.  I recommend Jacqueline if you need a good high quality decal.  You can check out her site at  Her stores Facebook is  Her stores Instagram is  As I mentioned she is part of HCBN.   She blogs at  Here are her blog links: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.  Go check her out!