Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap

OMG you guys!  I just finished watching the spring finale of Pretty Little Liars!  I've been obsessed with this show since the very beginning.  I have to say this was the best finale yet!  So many questions were answered but so many more arose.  If you aren't caught up or haven't watched the finale you may want to stop reading.  There may be SPOILERS!!!!!!!  I'm going to talk about my entire thoughts on this season.  First of all I knew Ali wasn't dead.  I'm glad we heard more from her though.  I was honestly shocked by Aria's story line this season.  She is usually so quite and drama free.  Then Ezra was A!!!!!!!!!!  I didn't see that coming AT ALL!  Thankfully he actually wasn't because I'm kind of in love with him.  He came to rescue them and finally reveal A!  Unfortunately A got away but not before shooting Ezra!  I really hope he doesn't die!  Another shocker this season was Spencer. Who knew she had a crazy side?  I liked her before but now I like her even more.  I had a feeling she didn't hurt Ali.  The other girls didn't really stick out much with their stories except Hannah.  I did hear Caleb will be back so I'm very happy!  I'm pretty sure Melissa is involved somehow.  I have never trusted her.  I'm also pretty sure Mona is still involved somehow.  I have a suspicion who A is but I wanna know who you think it is?  Also do you think Ali's mom is really dead?  Tell me all your thoughts!  I can't wait for June so we can find out more!