Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 12: Christmas Films!

It's day 12 days of my 12 days of Christmas!!!!!!!!!  That means Christmas is TOMORROW!!!!!!!  Today's post is about Christmas entertainment.  This means music and movies.  I'm going to focus on movies but if you want to know what Christmas songs I recommend then stay tuned to my monthly playlist.  That will be up at the end of the month.  What are your favorite Christmas movies?  Let me know!

This is my all time favorite movie!  I've been watching it every year since I was a kid.  All the claymation films are excellent as well.

This series is what gets me in the spirit.  It is funny but still meaningful.  We usually watch all 3 on Christmas Eve.

My mom and I discovered this on Netflix last year.  We just fell in love with it but make sure your tissues are ready!

This was my favorite movie growing up.  I still love it just as much.

My grandma and I just happened to find this at Walmart a few years ago.  This is all about understanding the meaning of life.  You will probably cry so be prepared!