Saturday, September 22, 2012

90's Tag!!

I love the 90's!  It was an awesome decade.  I was born in 89 so I grew up in the 90's.  I hope you guys will do this tag too!  If you want me to do any other tags then leave them in the comments.

1. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?
This is a really hard question!  I actually loved both.  If I have to choose one I'd pick Backstreet Boys.  I had posters all over my room.  I even had them on one of my birthday cakes.  I still own every CD.

2. Britney or Christina?
I love Britney.  I liked her style much better than Christina.  Plus, Britney dated Justin Timberlake and I loved them together.

3. What was your favorite Nickelodeon cartoon of the 90s?
I really didn't watch a lot of TV as a kid.  We were always outside.  Of course I loved Rugrats.  I really loved Hey Arnold though.  I also watched Wild Thornberrys all the time.

4. What was your favorite Nickelodeon game show of the 90s?
I love game shows!  I'd love to be one someday.  I was obsessed with the game show Legends Of The Hidden Temple.  My older sister and I never missed an episode.

5. Which had better TV shows: SNICK or TGIF?
I liked TGIF better.  It had Boy Meets World.  I still love that show.

6. How many Beanie Babies did you own and which were your favorites?
I wasn't a crazy beanie babies collector.  We probably had 10 total.  I liked the frog the best.

7. Did you own a virtual pet (Giga Pet, Tamogatchi, etc.)?
Yes!!!  I had many Giga Pets and a few Nano Babies.  I have no idea why everybody loved them so much.  My mom got so mad at me because I hooked them all on my backpack and got in trouble for playing with them in class.  My favorite was the Koala.

8. What was your favorite video game system and your favorite game for it?
We only owned two gaming systems.  The first was a Gameboy.  My sister and I shared games but mine was Kirby.  We also had a Super Nintendo.  I was obsessed with Donkey Kong.

9. What was the best Disney movie of the 90s?
I'd say Toy Story because it was the first movie I ever saw in theaters.  I'm not sure that's Disney though.  I liked weird Disney movies like The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Tarzan.

10. Which world event affected you the most in the 90s?
I'd say Y2K.  Everybody thought the world was gonna end.  I still remember what I was doing.  I was watching a movie with my mom and all the sudden I saw a flash outside.  Of course I was freaked out but it turned out to be a firecracker.