Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Q & A Wednesday

It's Wednesday!  If feels like Q & A time was so long ago.  If you want any questions answered you can send me an email, tweet me, or leave a comment.

1.) Mood:
Great :)

2.) What is your favorite Fall activity?
I have many!  I love craft shows.  We always pick pumpkins to carve.  And of course I love baking.

3.) Do you have any obsessions?
Oh yes, I have lots.  My biggest is probably YouTube.  My family calls me a YouTube junkie.  My latest obsession on there is Tyler Oakley and Jacks Gap.  If you haven't watched their videos go do it right now.  I absolutely love them!

4.) Last show you watched?:
Switched At Birth

5.) What do you do to feel better when you feel down?
I watch funny movies.  The one I watch most is Step Brothers.  I also talk about whatever it is that's bothering me with my mom or sister.

6.) Current outfit:
A t-shirt and sweats.  It's a lazy day

7.) What did you buy last?
The Avengers DVD!!!!

8.) Last thing you ate?
Halloween Oreos but I'm going to be eating breakfast in a few.

9.) How is your bed decorated?
I have a ladybug pillow pet, a Vikings pillow pet, and a flower shaped pillow.  I have to big feather pillows too.  I also use a big fluffy blanket and a throw blanket with hearts all over it.

10.) Weekly goals:
Have fun!