Friday, September 21, 2012

Music Friday: It's Time

One of my favorite TV shows is Glee.  I was worried this season wouldn't be as good since most of the cast is gone.  Last week's premiere was just as good though.  Not only do I love the show, I also discover new music from it.  This week's share is one of them.  I've been replaying it all week.  The song is called It's Time by Imagine Dragons.  I'm obsessed with both the original and Glee version.  Which version do you like better?  I honestly can't choose.  If any of you are big One Direction fans then check out the post before this one.  Their newest single Live While Were Young was released yesterday.  All of you should follow my blog because I have many things coming up for you guys.  Starting Monday I'll be recapping Dancing With The Stars.  Also, once The X-Factor starts the live shows I'll be recapping that too.  If you want me to recap any other shows let me know.  Have a great Friday!!!!!!!!