Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DWTS All Star: First Celebrity Eliminated

Tonight was the first elimination show of this season.  One celebrity must exit the ballroom after one night of dancing.  The show started with why the stars decided why to join the All Star cast.  Bristol Palin got a lot of heat the last time.  She's back to prove she can do it and for more confidence.  Kelly Monaco was the season 1 champion.  She came back because she missed being a part of it.  Pamela Anderson is back because she loves to perform and wants to be a better dancer.  She wants to end up on Broadway but I don't see that happening though.  Joey Fatone is back because he got 2nd place and wants to be a better performer.  Drew Lachey won season 2.  He's back because it's fun and a new challenge.  Apolo Ohno is back because he just loves to compete.  Helio Castroneves is back to dance for his little girl.  Plus he just wants to have fun.  Melissa Rycroft is back because it was one of the best experiences of her life.  She is also at a different time in her life and ready to be back.  Gilles Marini is back to prove that he can win.  The judges voted on which dance from last night that they wanted to see again.  They chose Emmett Smith's Cha Cha.  I knew they'd pick him.  It was one of my favorites so I was glad.  Emmett Smith is back because he wanted to be part of the first ever All Star cast.  Shawn Johnson is back for the personal challenge.  Sabrina Bryan is back for redemption.  Kirstie Alley is back because has always wanted to be a dancer and now is her chance.  Now the live results start.  The pros kicked off the show with a dance.  They danced to Whitney Houston's Dance With Somebody and Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez.  I loved it!  It was very fun and energetic.  Shawn, Apolo, and Joey are all safe.  Bristol is the first celebrity in danger.  I love Bristol and I'd hate to see her leave so soon.  Pitbull performed his new single called Don't Stop The Party.  I really liked it.  Neon lights were flashing and a light up robot appeared.  It was a great performance.  Helio and Kelly are safe.  Drew is in danger.  I'm honestly shocked. He did amazing last night.  The troupe performed a dance next.  It had a oldies club setting which I loved.  I usually don't like the troupe but I enjoyed this dance.  Emmett, Gilles, and Sabrina are safe.  Justin Bieber was up next!  He performed As Long As You Love Me.  Of course I loved it!  His dancing was amazing and at the end the dancers formed a heart around him.  Kirstie and Melissa are safe.  The final couple in danger is Pamela.  Is anybody really surprised?  I know I'm not.  The celebrities in danger are Bristol, Drew, and Pamela.  The first All Star celebrity eliminated is Pamela Anderson.  I'm very happy.  I can't watch her dancing again,