Monday, November 16, 2015

DWTS Season 21: It's Trio Time!

It's week 10!  This means it is also the semifinals!  If you missed the recap from last week then check it out here.  A lot is happening tonight.  Tamar Braxton had to leave the competition due to medical problems.  This means that everyone left is in the finals.  The celebrities will be dancing three rounds tonight.  First it is just them with their partner.  Then it is the trio round when the celebrity dances with their partner plus another pro.  Finally there will be a dance off.  The show started with a group number.  It was beautiful!  Even though nobody is going home be sure you vote for your favorites!

She is doing this to challenge herself and continue her dads legacy.  This week she danced the Salsa.  I loved it!  I wish it was a little more challenging but it was still great.  It was just so uplifting.  I always feel happy after watching her.  I have a feeling she will win.  Her score was 27 of 30.  She chose Mark Ballas for her trio dance.  She danced Jazz.  It was AMAZING!!!!  I honestly couldn't look away!  It was just genius!  I have no words.  Her score was 30 of 30.  Her total for the night is 60.

He has always wanted to join the military.  This week he danced the Waltz.  I actually really enjoyed this.  It was beautiful.  It was especially fitting since the Paris attacks recently.  His technique has improved greatly.  His footwork was SO much better.  He really stepped it up.  His score was 30 of 30.  He chose Emma Slater for his trio dance.  He danced the Argentine Tango.  I'm have mixed feelings.  The girls stole the show.  He just sort of stepped around.  The choreography was great though.  His score is 27 of 30.  His total for the night is 57.

He is fighting harder now that his wife is gone.  He has had a lot of family drama growing up but nothing will stop him.  This week he danced Contemporary.  I had mixed emotions.  I wanted more actual dancing.  It was a lot of stopping and going.  I want them to have a better connection.  His score was 28 of 30.  He chose Karina Smirnoff for his trio dance.  He danced the Charleston.  I liked it.  It felt very cheesy and fake to me.  It was a lot of fun though.  I just wanted a story I guess.  His score was 29 of 30.  His total for the night is 60.

All he wanted was attention from his parents.  He feels like he let so many people down and now he feels confident now.  This week he danced the Tango.  I loved it!  I got very emotional about it.  There was a slight mistake but I loved the message.  He is just amazing!  His score was 24 of 30.  He chose Peta Murgatroyd for his trio dance.  He danced the Salsa.  I LOVED IT!  It was perfection!  I wanted MORE!!  It was everything I wanted!  His score was 30 of 30.  His total for the night is 54.

Dance Off:
Bindi vs. Nick:  They danced the Samba.  I love them both!  They had so much content.  I would pick Nick.  The judges picked Bindi.  She gets 3 points added to her score.

Carlos vs. Alek:  They danced the Cha Cha.  They both did a great job.  I personally loved Carlos better.  The judges picked Carlos.  He gets 3 points added to his score.