Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DWTS Season 21: Who Is The Winner?

It's here!!  Tonight we find out who the winner is.  The show started with a HUGE pro dance.  I LOVED IT!!  Chaka Khan performed her song I'm Every Woman.  Kim got to perform her I Dream Of Jeannie dance that she missed due to a medical condition.  It was pretty good.  The pros did another dance.  It was very good!  Paula danced again which is always a good time!  Carlos did his Magic Mike routine which was SO hot!  Victor danced as well.  Andy Grammer performed his new song Good To Be Alive.  It's a very catchy!  Gary was back and it was still a mess.  Elle King performed her song Ex's & Oh's.  I'm slightly over it.  Hayes danced again.  Alexa did her Breaking Bad routine.  I loved it even more this time!  The pros did a holiday routine.  It was SO GOOD!  Len will be back next season!  I've missed him!  Next up is the 24 hour fusion dance.  The stars had 24 hours to learn a dance that has combined two different styles.  First up is Nick.  His fusion dance is Salsa/Tango.  I LOVED IT!!!!!  It was more than I imagined!  It was full of passion and super sexy!!  His score was 30 of 30.  Next up is Alek.  His fusion dance is Rumba/Tango.  I thought he did pretty good.  There were a couple of mistakes.  He tried though.  His score was 27 of 30.  Lastly is Bindi.  Her fusion dance is Cha Cha/Argentine Tango.  Of course it was AMAZING!  She just makes everybody so happy!  She is flawless!  Her score was 30 of 30.  Nick Carter sang his new song I Will Wait.  It was a beautiful song.  In third place is Alek.  In second place is Nick which means BINDI WON!!!!!