Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weekly Obsession!

This week my obsession is not about food surprisingly.  I feel like 90% are about food because I just like trying new things.  My weekly obsession is.........Faux Leather Leggings!!  To be honest I'm obsessed with all leggings lately but these are my favorite.  Last month I did a HUGE wardrobe update.  I needed a few dressier items and stuff for fall/winter.  I bought everything on Kohl's website and I got bonus cash.  So I decided to buy legging and I fell in love with them.  They are SUPER comfortable and stretchy.  You can dress them up or down which I really like.  They look like real leather too.  I only paid $20 and it's amazing quality.  If you are looking for a good quality faux leather leggings then check these out.  What are you loving this week?