Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: What Cupcake Flavor Are You?

Happy Tuesday!!  I'm SO excited for today's quiz!  It's called What Cupcake Flavor Are You?  I LOVE cupcakes!!!  I could literally eat one every day and never get bored.  I don't branch out much when it comes to flavors.  I tend to stick with what I know that I like.  I do have a favorite though!  I can't wait to see my results!  You can take this quiz with me right here.  Share your results!!!!

I got Red Velvet!  The description says: You are the romantic who carries around a calm and cool energy. Everyone seems to be infatuated with your life and you easily get along with whoever you meet.

You guys will not believe this but Red Velvet is my favorite!  I guess I know what I like!  The description fits me pretty well.  I'm happy with this!