Wednesday, April 9, 2014

♥Weekly Obsession♥

I'm SUPER excited for today's post!  I made a pretty big purchase recently.  I bought the Titan 3 curling wand from NuMe.  My hair is really thick and never holds any curls so I decided I needed to invest in a good curling iron.  I had heard of this wand on YouTube but I couldn't justify spending $250.  After researching I found a coupon code that reduced it to $89!  Guess what?  I have a coupon code for all of you!  Click here and use NUMESPRING50 at the check out.  This will get you 50% off plus Free Shipping on Styling Tools, Hair Care Products and Accessories. So I went for it and I'm in love.  Here is what it looks like.

I ordered the pink color but it comes in many different color options  So it comes with 3 different sized wands.  They are 100% titanium so the heat is evenly distributed.  There is a 19 mm which is the smallest.  This gives you tight curls like Taylor Swift had back in the day.  Next is the 25 mm which is medium sized.  This gives you a natural bouncy curl.  Finally there is the 32 mm which is the largest.  This gives you a beachy wave type curl.  It goes up to 200 degrees Celsius which equals about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Don't worry it comes with a heat protectant glove so you don't burn your hand.  On Monday I tried each barrel on different sections of my hair just to see if it would last.  I put the heat on 130 and no used hairspray.  The curls actually lasted!  It is also super quick to do.  I highly recommend this if you have hair that just won't last.  If you'd like to create any looks to share let me know!