Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: What “Friends” Quote Should Be Your Life Motto?

Happy Tuesday!  I've been back in school a week and I'm already over it.  I spent all weekend on Netflix binge watching my favorite TV show.  I love Friends!!  I've talked about my obsession in a previous quiz.  The best part of any Friends episode are the quotes.  Today's quiz is fitting because it's called What “Friends” Quote Should Be Your Life Motto?  I hope it's something I like!  You can take the quiz here.  Let me know your results!

I got Unagi!  The description says: You’re a very focused person, so what better quote for you than “Unagi”? “Unagi”, according to Ross Gellar, is a term that means complete focus. Others might think of it as sushi, but a smart person like you knows that its real purpose is not for ordering sushi, but for focusing.

I think this is extremely accurate.  I'm a very focused person when it comes to school or blogging.  I do have fun though.  I also love that quote.