Thursday, September 17, 2015

Movie Haul

Something you might not know about me is that I love movies.  I own over 200 and I keep buying more!  I just like the idea of getting lost in another world.  Lately I have bought a couple so I thought I would do a haul.  If you guys want more posts like this then just let me know!  Do you have any movie recommendations?

First up is The Age Of Adaline.  The minute I saw the preview that I had to see this film.  I actually went and saw this in theater and loved it!  It's about a woman who never ages because of an accident.  It's a lot like the TV show from last year called Forever.  Blake Lively was FANTASTIC!  I really wish this was a book.  If you guys know any books similar to this then let me know!

Next I got Home.  I say I bought it so that my nieces could watch it but in reality I wanted to watch it.  It's about little aliens who take over Earth and eliminate humans.  I actually don't know everything about it because I haven't watched it yet.  My niece who is 4 says it is SOOO funny.  I guess we'll find out!

I also got Fast & Furious 7.  This by far my favorite franchise.  I own all the others so of course I bought this one.  I did a review which you can check out here.  Paul Walker is one of my favorite actors and I'm SO sad he is gone.  This film was his last so it's bittersweet.

Next I got Space Jam!  If you weren't alive in the 90's then you'll have no idea what this is.  I LOVED this film when I was a kid.  I watched it every single day!  Basically the looney toons and Michael Jordan combine worlds to defeat the monsters.  That is a terrible description but trust me it's a classic.  Plus it was only $3.

Lastly I bought Aloha.  I love all three of the actors so I had to have it.  I'm not really sure how to describe it even though I watched it.  It has a lot of different elements.  Plus it was filmed in Hawaii so it's gorgeous.  I loved this film A LOT!