Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: Which Cookie Matches Your Personality?

Happy Tuesday!!!  I hope you all had an awesome holiday weekend.  I didn't do much but relax and eat lots of junk food.  I love junk food especially cookies.  I ALWAYS have some type of cookie around at all times.  That's why today's quiz is perfect.  It's called Which Cookie Matches Your Personality?  I'm interested to see what kind I get.  Hopefully it's a good one!  You can take the quiz with me here.  Share your results too!

I got Snickerdoodle!  The description says: You are the fun one and any social circle would be lucky to have you in it. You often tell yourself that life is short, so you take in as many new experiences and opportunities as you possibly can. You have a “go with the flow” mentality and you just hope that it’ll take you to new, exciting places.

I think the description fits me perfectly!  I am always saying life is too short and I love new experiences.  Also I'm a total fan of snickerdoodles.  Maybe I should go bake some now!