Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: What Breakfast Cereal Matches Your Personality?

Happy Tuesday!!!!  I'm getting SUPER excited for Halloween!  Today's quiz has nothing to do with Halloween but I really wanted to take it anyway.  Today's quiz is called What Breakfast Cereal Matches Your Personality?  I eat cereal every single day and I always switch it up.  I can't wait to see which one suits me best.  You can take this quiz with me by clicking here.  Share your results below!

I got Fruity Pebbles!  The description says: You are the fun-loving friend everyone wants as a BFF. You know how to make the perfect dance-party playlist, and you’re not afraid of making a bold fashion statement.

I'm totally loving this result.  I do eat a lot of Fruity Pebbles so that makes me happy.  I also agree with the description.  I make tons of playlists and I do make many bold fashion statements.  I'm very happy with this quiz.