Saturday, October 10, 2015

My 1989 Tour Experience!

I am a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift!  I've been a loyal fan since the very beginning.  So when I saw that she was coming to Omaha I obviously had to get tickets.  I've never missed a tour of hers EVER!  I wish I was going back tonight!  I was VERY excited for this tour because 1989 is my favorite album yet.  Also, I was born in 1989 too, so Taylor and I are basically besties right?

Her show opener was Vance Joy.  I'm not gonna lie I found it very boring.  He sang maybe 5 songs and each one was about 10 minutes long.  It did not get me pumped up for Taylor.  I actually wanted a nap instead.  So I left to wait in line for a t-shirt instead.

It was finally time for the show!!!!!  Attached to each chair was a synchronized light up bracelet.  It was programmed to light up with her music.  I loved the idea but I'm sad it doesn't work now.  If you've never been to a Taylor Swift show before then you are missing out!  It is unlike anything you'll ever experience.  You just get lost in another world.  This was no different!

It started off in a New York theme based on her song Welcome To New York.  The dancers were phenomenal!  My favorite number was How You Get The Girl because the umbrella routine was SO cool.  I did like her version of Love Story and I Knew You Were Trouble.  I didn't really love We Are Never Getting Back Together.  It was too rock for me.  I did like that she sang Fifteen because That is one of my favorites.  There was no celebrity guest though.  I had a blast at the show and I wish I was back already!  Have you been to the 1989 tour?  Let me know your favorite parts!