Friday, October 9, 2015

♥The Fall Favorites Tag♥

Fall is finally here!!!!  This is always one of my favorite times of year.  I love the chilly sunny days and the trees changing.  It also means football time!  I'm a big fan in case you didn't know.  Today I'm doing the Fall Favorites Tag.  I saw it on YouTube and loved it.  I did adjust some of the questions to fit me better.  I wanted to have this post up earlier but I got a really bad virus for about two weeks.  That was NOT fun but I'm back now!  I wanna know all of your answers too!  Be sure to send me a link so I can check them out!  Also, send me some suggestions if you want more fall themed posts.  Enjoy!

Favorite Candle:
I don't really light candles but I love a good fall scent.  For my birthday I got an Air Wick room spray.  I'm OBSESSED with it!  My scent recently ran out so I went on the hunt for a fall smell.  I found this one called Mom's Baking and it's perfect!  It smells like cinnamon, apples, and vanilla.  Every 30  minutes or so it will spray and I just can't get enough!

Favorite Candy:
There is only certain types of candy that you can buy around this time of year.  I wait all year for...candy corn!!!!  I LOVE it!  Nobody else I know will eat it.  The original is obviously the best but I do like trying the flavored ones as well.  I highly recommend the S'mores flavor.

Favorite Drink:
HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!  There is no question about this question.  It's pretty much all I drink from October through February.  It just makes me feel so cozy and warm.  I just got into Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.  I can't believe I've been missing out!

Favorite Book:
I adore a good romance book around this time of year.  I just like curling up in a snuggly blanket and getting lost in a love story.  This will be my go to this year.  I pre-ordered it so I can start reading it next week when it comes out.  To be honest any Nicholas Sparks is a winner in my opinion.

Favorite Clothing Item:
This is my latest purchase and I am in LOVE!  I have been wanting a pair of ankle booties for a few years.  I just couldn't find a pair that I really loved.  I found these on sale at Kohls and I knew they were the ones.  I bought them in tan because I felt like they will go with everything.  I just like how I can wear them with pretty much anything in my wardrobe.

Favorite Fall Movie:
This is my all time favorite Halloween film.  I've been watching this since I was little and I still love it.  I don't like scary movies so I'm glad Disney understands me.  It's actually such an underrated film.  Another movie that I also seem to watch around this time of year is RENT.  If you aren't a fan of musicals then you probably won't like it.  It's my all time favorite musical!

Favorite Fall TV Show:
I LOVE FALL TV!!!  I look forward to it all summer long!  I've been watching a lot of new shows so I'll do a whole post on that.  The one show I was most excited for was How To Get Away With Murder.  This show is MY LIFE!  Each episode just gets better and better!  Go watch if you haven't yet!
Favorite Thanksgiving Food:
I actually don't like traditional Thanksgiving food.  That's probably really weird but I just don't.  One thing that we eat every year is green bean casserole.  It's just SO good!  It's really easy to make as well.  My mom does it best!

Favorite Halloween Costume:
As a kid my mom never bought us costumes.  She never saw the point in spending $25 to wear an outfit that you only wear a few hours.  So she just made them!  My favorite was a cat.  I just wore black stretch pants, a black turtleneck, and black ballet shoes.  It was my favorite and I honestly wanted to wear it every day.  Sadly I couldn't find a picture but I was obsessed.