Friday, June 12, 2015

Easy Summer Nails

One of my favorite things about summer is painting my nails.  There are just SO many options!  Since it's a gloomy day out I decided to look for a cute but simple nail design on Pinterest.  Now normally the design is a total fail but not today!  This is super easy and perfect for any summer occasion.  It's also very customizable to your style.  I was slightly in a hurry so mine look a bit messy but you'll get the idea.  Send me pictures on Twitter so I can see what you did @jerica_89!

What You'll Need:
White polish
5 different colored polishes
A bobby pin
Clear Coat

1.  Paint your nail white using two coats
2.  Decide what 5 colors you want to use.  I did Orange, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, and Mint Green.  You can choose any you want.
3.  Bend a bobby pin straight and dip into one of the colors.  Dot only the top part of your nail.
4.  Repeat until all nails are complete.  Then add a clear coat.