Monday, June 1, 2015

Baby Lips Peach Kiss Review

One thing I am constantly trying is lip balms.  For some reason my lips are always super dry.  I did talk about an eos review earlier this year but I felt like I had to reapply every hour or so.  While at Walgreens I decided to take the plunge and buy Baby Lips.

I chose Peach Kiss.  Why did I wait so long!  This stuff is SO amazing!  It goes on very smooth and doesn't leave your lips feeling waxy.  I experienced that with my eos one.  It's really moisturizing as well.  It lasts a long time too which I really like.  I feel like I need to go buy more.

This would be perfect for parents who don't want their kids wearing make up yet.  It is very lightly tinted and you can barely see it on.  It does have shimmer so if you aren't a fan of that try another flavor.  What do you think of Baby Lips?  Also leave me some other good lip balm suggestions.  I'm always looking for more!