Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekly Obsession!

I'm that person that ALWAYS has gum on me.  You just never know when you'll need it.  I like trying different flavors because I easily get bored.  This weeks obsession is....Juicy Fruit Starburst gum!  Juicy Fruit is a flavor I never get tired of so when I saw they paired up with my favorite candy I got excited.  They have Cherry and Strawberry which are my favorite Starburst flavors.  I've only tried the Cherry gum so far.  I love it!  It really does taste like a Cherry Starburst!!  The flavor lasts about 2-3 hours which I think is pretty good.  I was hesitant because it is sugar free but honestly you can't even tell.  This gum will be my go to for summer!