Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Summer Essentials!

I'm SO glad that Summer is here!!!  It rained for two months straight.  I'm not even joking!!  Now that it has finally become hot outside I thought I would share my essentials that I must have with me.  Let me know what you must have!


First up is a bag of some kind.  I personally prefer rucksacks because they are compact and not super bulky.  You can throw it over your shoulder and just go anywhere.  It fits everything you need and it's even better than a purse.  I've been loving mine!  Mine is actually a One Direction one.  I'm not ashamed!

This may seem like an odd essential but lately I have needed them A LOT!  These are good for any injury.  I got bad blisters and these band aids came in handy.  Also these are good for other people you are with who may get a cut or something.  Also yes mine are Disney Princesses!

Sunscreen is always a must!  I'm trying a new brand this year.  It's the Coppertone Sport.  I always buy the spray kind because it's easier and you don't miss any areas.  This one is supposed to be better with sweat so you can apply less often.  I haven't used it much so I'm not sure if that's true.  It definitely doesn't smell good though.

Body Spray:
Since my sunscreen isn't the best smelling I have a body spray.  Bath and Body Works not only had their annual sale BUT they also brought back old scents.  I FREAKED out when I saw Cucumber Melon.  I used this SO much as a kid and it's bringing back the memories.

Infused Water:
I don't really like drinking water but obviously it's important to stay hydrated.  My friend told me to buy an infused water bottle and I love it!  You can put any fruit you want in the middle section and it just slightly flavors your water.  I like using cherries or limes.  You can buy these at Walmart or Target.  You can also use a jug and fill a water bottle that you already own.

I cut my hair back in January and it's still a little too shorts for ponytails.  So I bought a bunch of headbands.  It keeps the hair off your face and you still look fashionable.  They are also not expensive which is nice.

I'm trying to eat less candy so I've been eating pistachios instead.  They are just SO good!  They are healthy and full of protein.  I like the salted ones the best.  They are a bit pricey but it's the perfect snack anytime.

I love to read!  A book is great for the beach or on rainy days.  I just started The Girl On The Train and it's really good so far!  Be looking out for a review soon!

Bug Spray Fan:
The bugs have been TERRIBLE this year.  I got blisters because my bites were so bad!  I'm obsessed with my off clip on bug fan.  It actually works!  I've had mine for about 4 years now and I never get bitten when it's on.  I just clip it to my shorts or chair and I'm protected.  The best part is you don't even smell like bug spray.  I highly recommend this!