Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My June Playlist!

June is over!  I can't believe how quickly this year is going.  I hope you have all been having an awesome Summer so far!  I have been pretty busy but I love it.  July is going to be even busier and very exciting.  So stay tuned to my blog for all the action.  I'm loving my playlist for this month.  It's a very good mixture and a great way to kick off my favorite season.  You can check out last month's playlist here.  What songs are you listening to?  Let me know!

1. Fight Song by Rachel Platten
I can not get enough of this song!  I've had this on repeat for pretty much the entire month.  It's just one of those songs that I never get tired of.  I love the message behind it as well.  It's all about never giving up on your dream.  No matter what dream you have you just need to go for it!  I really need to check out more of her music.  Favorite lyric: This is my fight song Take back my life song Prove I'm alright song My power's turned on Starting right now I'll be strong I'll play my fight song And I don't really care if nobody else believes 'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

2. Fun by Pitbull feat. Chris Brown
The title totally fits this song!  I love the beat because it makes you want to dance.  It sounds like a mixture of the 90's and techno.  This has been added to my morning playlist.  It just instantly makes you happy when you hear it.  I think this will become the party anthem of 2015.  It also really makes me miss Miami!  Favorite lyric: Loosen up your body till you come undone Loosen up your body baby come undone Oh my my, looking like a good good time Don't disguise The way you wanna love tonight Oh my my, hook you with a brand new high Don't be shy, I just wanna live tonight Live a little F.U.N. fun

3. Cheerleader by OMI
I love this song SO much!  It makes me feel happy.  I really love the beachy vibe it gives off.  Sadly I live in Nebraska so there are no beaches but I can dream!  I find this song refreshing because it's not about being a player.  It's basically an upbeat love song which all girls love.  Other artists should take note!  Favorite lyric: Do you need me? Do you think I'm pretty? Do I make you feel like cheating?
And I'm like no, not really 'cause Oh, I think that I've found myself a cheerleader She is always right there when I need her Oh, I think that I've found myself a cheerleader She is always right there when I need her

4. Take Your Time by Sam Hunt
I only heard the very end of this song but I was hooked instantly.  It has a rap/country vibe that I really like.  For some reason I've been listening to a lot of country music lately.  He doesn't seem like a country singer which is good.  He is reaching a broader audience this way.  I think the song is really cute too.  I'm a fan!  Favorite lyric: I don't wanna steal your freedom I don't wanna change your mind I don't have to make you love me I just wanna take your time I don't wanna wreck your Friday I ain't gonna waste my lines I don't have to take your heart I just wanna take your time

5. Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainor
You probably recognize this name from his hit song See You Again.  I'm constantly looking for new stuff on YouTube and I came across this song.  It's always stuck in my head!  It has a modern 60's vibe which I love.  I am obsessed with the 50's and 60's.  Also his voice is just SO amazing!  I'm officially in love with him!  Favorite lyric: Let's Marvin Gaye and get it on You got the healing that I want Just like they say it in the song Until the dawn, let's Marvin Gaye and get it on You got to give it up to me I'm screaming mercy, mercy please Just like they say it in the song Until the dawn, let's Marvin Gaye and get it on

6. Pretty Fly For A White Guy by The Offspring
This song is a total throwback and I'll be SUPER impressed if you guys know it.  For some reason I could not get away from this song all month.  It played on Spotify, iTunes, and even the radio.  I forgot how much I loved it though.  I was obsessed when it came out in the 90's and I even had it on one of my high school mix CD's.  It's just a classic.  Favorite lyric: Now he's getting a tattoo Yeah he's gettin' ink done He asked for a '13', but they drew a '31' Friends say he's trying too hard And he's not quite hip But in his own mind He's the dopest trip.

7. Doin' What She Likes by Blake Shelton
I have been loving Blake Shelton recently.  I heard this while I was at a baseball game and it stuck with me.  I just can't get enough of him!  I'm not sure why I didn't listen to his music sooner.  This song is very sweet and the video totally fits his personality.  I can't wait to discover more songs by him.  Favorite lyric: She likes hearin' how good she looks in them blue jeans Little kisses, sweeter than sweet tea Things I whispered in her ear, oh my I like doin' what she likes Like running my fingers through her long hair Lightin' watermelon candles upstairs Lettin' them burn and holdin' her all night I like doin' what she likes

8. Where Are U Now by Skrillex and Diplo feat. Justin Bieber
I'm back on the Bieber bandwagon.  I was SO annoyed when he went crazy but thankfully he seems to be better.  I have a love/hate relationship with this song.  Sometimes it's too much techno but sometimes I like the beat.  I am excited about new music from him though.  Hopefully he'll go back to what he's good at.  Favorite lyric: I gave you the key when the door wasn't open, just admit it See, I gave you faith, turned your doubt into hoping, can’t deny it Now I’m all alone and my joys turned to moping Tell me, where are you now that I need you? Where are you now? Where are you now that I need you?

9. 22 by Taylor Swift
This will forever be one of my favorite T. Swift songs.  I just love her!  I'm turning 26 in 15 days so I felt like listening to this song over and over.  Let's be honest the message of this song is on point.  We really don't know what we want our lives to be like.  We are just living and loving every moment because life is short.  Favorite lyric: Yeah, We're happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way It's miserable and magical Oh, yeah Tonight's the night when we forget about the heartbreaks It's time Uh oh! (hey!) I don't know about you But I'm feeling 22 Everything will be alright If you keep me next to you You don't know about me But I'll bet you want to Everything will be alright (alright)
If we just keep dancing like we're 22, ooh-ooh (oh, oh, oh)

10. Breathe In. Breathe Out. by Hilary Duff
OMG I'm obsessed with the new Hilary Duff album!  I even bought it at Target to get the bonus tracks.  I've been playing it daily!  So far this song has been my favorite.  I'm just SO happy that she is making a comeback.  I really hope a tour happens because I will definitely be there!  Favorite lyric: No more rain or shine Well, I guess this is goodbye I made a top ten list Of all the things I miss
Your lying eyes and lips They didn't make it And when I'm cold at night I know that I'll survive Until I feel alright I'm gonna fake it Breathe in, breathe out Breathe in, breathe out Breathe in, breathe out
Breathe in, breathe out Breathe in, breathe out Breathe in, breathe out