Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Shows I'm Currently Watching

Usually during the summer there is NOTHING on TV.  Somehow this year has been different.  I feel like I watch at least one show a night.  They have put out a TON of new shows.  There is also some returning shows as well.  Thank god I have DVR!  Today I thought I would share 5 shows that I'm currently watching.  What are you watching?

1. Hollywood Game Night
I am OBSESSED with game shows!  This is by far my favorite one.  It has celebrities and tons of crazy games that you could never think of on your own.  We actually have the board game and it gets intense!  I would love to be on that show!  I would totally dominate.  It's on every Tuesday night.  I highly recommend it!

2. Pretty Little Liars
Of course I couldn't not mention my favorite show EVER!  If you have never watched an episode of PLL then go to Netflix right now!  Each episode gets better and better!  This season has been SUPER creepy but I don't even care.  We are finally getting some answers and I want more!  It's on Tuesday nights also.

3. The Fosters
I have loved this show since last year.  It's about a lesbian couple and their kids.  I love how it shows that they aren't any different from any other family.  I pretty much cry during every episode but it's a good cry.  The drama is intense at times as well.  You can catch up on this show on Netflix too.  It's on Monday nights.

4. Big Brother
This show is my life every summer!  It is time consuming but it's just SO good!  It's basically a bunch of players living in a house and being filmed 24/7.  You can even watch the live feeds!  I watch the daily spoilers on YouTube instead.  It's only week 5 and people are acting crazy.  I love it!!  It's on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

5. Dance Moms
This show is my biggest guilty pleasure!  I wish I could be on the show!  I just love the drama!!!  I love the kids because all they care about is dancing.  The moms fight with pretty much everybody.  Of course the star of the show is Abby Lee Miller!  She has just lost her mind and I freaking love it!  I could watch it all day long!  It's on Tuesday nights.