Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: Which Pop Diva Are You?

Happy Tuesday!!!!  As you are reading this I'm in Kansas City!!!  Tonight I'll be going to the One Direction concert.  Since I'm going to a pop concert I thought today's quiz was appropriate.  It's called Which Pop Diva Are You?  I wish I was a pop star because I think it would be fun.  I'd love to travel the world!  I hope I get somebody I like!  You can take this quiz by clicking here.  Let me know what you got!

I got Katy Perry!  The description says: You’re a bit conventional, but very fun. You’ve got a lot of friends, and you’re the type of person who always seems to be in a serious relationship.

I was really hoping for Taylor Swift but I do like Katy Perry.  I think this is pretty accurate.  I like to be a really fun person because nobody likes boring people.  I'm in a serious relationship though.