Friday, July 3, 2015

My 4th Of July Style

Can you believe that 4th Of July is tomorrow?  I'm SUPER excited because it's one of my favorite holidays.  We spend the day hanging out and eating way too much food!  At night is when all the fun begins!  Today I thought I would share what I'll be wearing for the holiday.  What are you wearing for the 4th?  Let me know!

This year I'll be wearing a romper for sure this year!  It's perfect because it looks like you spent a ton of getting ready but you didn't.  I love anything that cuts down my getting ready time.  They are really comfortable and not too tight.  This is perfect because then you can eat as much food as you want!  Also it's shorts so you will stay covered if it gets windy!

I'm OBSESSED with gladiator sandals this year.  I feel like they go well any outfit.  They are really comfortable as well.  I spend most of my day outside playing with my nieces so I don't want my feet hurting.  The only downside is you can get crazy tan lines but I don't mind!

Since I'll be outside most of the day I'm going to need sunglasses.  I've been loving the round style this year.  I wear prescription glasses but I normally wear non-prescription sunglasses.  My eyesight isn't that bad but now I can buy these.  These sunglasses are from Salt City Optics which is a prescription sunglasses site.  There are many styles, brands, and colors to choose from.  Check them out!

Hats are always a must during summer.  There are so many benefits!  It shades your face so you don't get a sunburn.  It also keeps your head cool which is always good.  This hat is from Forever 21 and super patriotic.  Go America!

I love fringe anything!  It just really makes me feel like I'm at Coachella when I'm not.  If I'm using a purse I prefer using the crossbody style.  It keeps your shoulder from hurting and it also helps prevent somebody from stealing.  I like the smaller sizes because them you are only carrying the essentials.

I wear bracelets with everything!  I love the odd shapes ones especially.  You can be as creative as you want and create different combos.  This set is from Forever 21 and I'm in love!  You can where them separately or all together.  You could even mix them with other bangles.