Thursday, July 2, 2015

♥Boohoo Haul♥

Hey guys!  Today's post is all about clothes!  I really needed some new outfits for summer but also some exciting adventures coming up.  Don't worry you'll find out what they are soon enough!  I went crazy and filled my cart full of stuff at first but then I couldn't justify spending $100 on 5 items.  So I narrowed it down and only spent $45.  The great thing about this site is a new deal happens every 24 hours.  I waited until it was 40% off all items.  Also If you spend over $40 it's free shipping.  Now lets get to the clothes!!

I'm a sunglasses addict!  I buy a new pair every single summer so when I saw these I knew I must have them.  I love the old Hollywood vibe of these.  I'm obsessed with the 50's and 60's era.  I love the baby pink detail as well.  I wanted to try a cat eye pair but I was nervous they wouldn't look good.  These have a slight cat eye so it's perfect.

My obsession with rompers is real!  This a neon orange romper.  I thought this would be perfect with a summer tan.  It's also dressier compared to others that I have.  You could still go casual though which is always good.  I really like the waist area because it will give you more of a figure.

I saved the best for last!  This is everything that defines me in a romper.  The only thing missing is glitter.  I fell in love the second I saw it.  I love anything tie dye so this is perfect.  The best part is the coin detailing across the top!  I love Esmeralda from the Disney film Hunchback of Notre Dame and this just reminds me of her.  I can now live out my dream of being her somewhat.  I just love it!!!!