Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Kenny Chesney Tour Experience!!

One thing you might not know about me is that I am a country music fan.  I grew up listening to it because of mom.  As I got older I developed my own tastes but deep down I've always still love it.  The one artist that I've stuck with is Kenny Chesney.  I just love his relaxed, beachy, and chilled vibe.  His When The Sun Goes Down album was on repeat during my high school years.  He has come to Nebraska many times but it sells out SO fast!  When I saw he was coming THE DAY after my birthday I knew it was fate!  My sister actually got tickets and I was pumped!!!  So Thursday night my older sister and I went to the concert!

There was a pre-party before the show but we missed it.  It looked CRAZY though!  The opening act was Chase Rice.  I had no idea who he was and I was over him after about 2 minutes.  He was too rock and not enough country for my taste.  What really pumped the crowd up was when he performed Cruise which he actually wrote.  I did like his personality though.

Next up was Kenny Chesney!!!!  I honestly wanted the show to go on all night!  It was just SO much fun!  I knew every single song which made me happy.  It had a good mixture of slow and fast songs which some artists don't do.  There were some hits that I wish he had sang like Big Star or Never Wanted Nothing More.  I mean I guess that what happens when you have so many amazing songs.  He did play my favorite song which you'll have to find out what it is on my July playlist!  Overall I loved the whole experience and I will be going again for sure!