Friday, August 21, 2015

10 Random Songs

It's Friday!!!!!  One of my favorite things in life is music.  I listen to it every single day and I instantly feel better.  I feel like songs are the way to really get to know a person.  Today I thought I would give you guys a look into me based off of my iTunes.  I'm going to put it on shuffle and list the 10 songs that play.  I'll even share a memory or a reason I downloaded it.  I want all of you to participate also!  Post what 10 songs come up and talk about what it means to you.  Here we go!

1. Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owens
This song reminds of Summer.  It came out when I was 22 and I heard it because my older sister told me about it.  It just gives off a really chill vibe which is how I am.  It's great for a beach party or bonfire.

2. Come On Over by Jessica Simpson
I've always been a fan of hers.  This song is when she attempted to go country.  I didn't buy the album but I actually really like this song.  She should probably stick to pop music though.  It works better for her voice.

3. Because Of You by 98 Degrees
I'm OBSESSED with boy bands!  They were SO underrated in my opinion.  Nick Lachey was my love when I was probably 8 or 9.  To be honest I'm still in love with him.  This song takes me back to the TRL days when I would wait to see a 20 second clip of the music video.  It was totally worth it though!  Isn't it ironic that this played after Jessica Simpson?  I loved them together and their reality show was my life.  I actually own every season.

4. Runaway by Ed Sheeran
Who doesn't love him?  His songs always have such a great message.  He is truly one of the greatest singer/songwriters of our generation.

5. Lookin' For A Good Time by Lady Antebellum
I heard this on an award show and thought it was catchy.  I'm not a big fan but I do enjoy some of their songs.

6. Square Pegs by Kelsea Ballerini
I heard one song and immediately bought her album.  I discovered her on YouTube and now I love her.  She reminds me a lot of Taylor Swift.  I've had the album on repeat all summer.  I swear I listen to more than country!

7. Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
I went through a slightly alternative phase in high school.  We all had laptops that were for "school use only" but we never followed that.  This was on one of my mix cd's that I would listen to in study hall and sometimes class.

8. Tell Me Why by Taylor Swift
I just love her!  She is pretty much my idol and can do no wrong.  I have no other words!

9. Better Than Words by One Direction
If you follow my blog then you know I am obsessed with them!  This song takes me back to the concert last month.  It just made the crowd go CRAZY!  Mostly because there was lots of hip thrusting happening!

10. Close Your Eyes by Meghan Trainor
My mom and I love her.  I'm a fan of 50's and 60's music and she somehow makes that sound modern.  It's the perfect mixture.  She is just great!