Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekly Obsession!

It has been SUPER hot here lately.  I mean it's been about 98 degrees every day!  This weeks obsession is a necessity.  My weekly obsession is...Ice Cream.  I just love ice cream especially during the summer.  I've been eating it at least once a day.  I don't even care if it's not healthy.  The kind I've been eating lately is called Birthday Blast.  It is basically me in an ice cream form.  It's a vanilla base with cake pieces and sprinkles.  It is heavenly!  I'm so glad I spotted it in the store.  Eating ice cream really does cool you down quickly.  Plus it's delicious!  What is your favorite ice cream flavor?  I'll eat anything as long as fruit isn't involved!  It just doesn't mix well for me.  Let me know in the comments!