Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Corner: Girl Online Review

I was so excited when Zoe announced that she was releasing a book.  I love her YouTube videos so I bought the book right away.  I know there was/is a lot of controversy that she didn't write it but I honestly didn't care.  I finally just finished it since school and the holidays are over.  I think the cover is beautiful and totally fits her personality.  The book is about a girl named Penny who writes an anonymous blog.  It follows her journey through school, love, and just life in general.  I loved this book a lot!  It's a pretty easy read which is always nice.  It kept my attention as well.  I do wish it had more blogging parts but maybe that's just because I'm a blogger.  I also wanted it to be longer because I was so invested with the characters and now I can't wait for a sequel.  I loved how she talked about real issues such as anxiety, bullying, and being gay.  More authors should take note of this.  I highly recommend this book if you like girly fun books.  Have you read it?  Tell me your thoughts!