Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: Which Frozen Character Are You?

It's time for Quiz Tuesday!!  Since it is only 20 degrees outside today I thought this would be appropriate.  Today's quiz is Which Frozen Character Are You?  Who isn't obsessed with Frozen?  I sadly can't get enough.  I use my nieces as an excuse but in reality I want to watch!  You can take the quiz here.

I got Kristoff!  The description is: You are hardworking and kind, with a bigger heart than you sometimes let on. Once people get to know you, they always want to be your friend…or maybe something more! :)

I have to agree!  I really do have a big heart.  Only people really close to me know that though.  I'm a bit shy but once you know me I'm not shy at all.  I was kinda hoping for Olaf because I just love him!  Share your results!  Also let me know if you enjoy this series.