Monday, January 12, 2015

Hindsight Review

I know I watch too much TV shows already but I have a new obsession.  It is Hindsight which is a new scripted series on VH1.  I saw the previews for it over Christmas and immediately hit record.

The show follows a girl named Becca.  It is the night before her second marriage and she keeps on reflecting about her life.  She keeps thinking if she could go back would she change anything that has happened.  Suddenly she wakes up and it is 1995 again.  It is also the day of her first wedding.

I love the 90's which is what drew me in.  It really makes you wish you were back there as well.  I love that this show isn't about time travel.  It's about reliving your life over and choosing better options.  It's basically a second chance.  Plus it is super funny!

Would you go back and change anything in your life?  I would totally go back to the 90's!  In 1995 I was 6 years old and lovin' life.  I don't think I'd make any changes though except to convince my mom to let me go to an *NSYNC concert.  I highly recommend this show!  Let me know your thoughts!