Thursday, January 22, 2015

3 Tips To Deal With Anxiety

I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember.  It was extremely bad during my high school years.  If I had a speech then I would literally throw up because I was so anxious.  Taking a test, no matter how prepared I was, I would go completely blank and forget it all.  It was awful.  The doctors always think meds are the answer but I'm here to share tips on how to help with the anxiety.  It doesn't cure you but it really does help with the symptoms.  I really hope these help you as well!  Share your tips in the comments!

Breathing Exercises:
Sometimes I will wake up having an anxiety attack but have no idea why.  I usually just close my eyes and take deep breaths until I feel calmer.  I like this tip because you can do it anywhere.

Make A Playlist:
Music is my answer for EVERYTHING!  When I start to feel anxious I always play my Taylor Swift or One Direction playlist.  This helps take my mind off of whatever I'm worried about.  You can also do a playlist of calming sounds if that's better for you.

I know this probably seems like an odd tip but it really works.  You can do a 20-30 min nap and wake up feeling calmer and more relaxed.  This is really ideal before a stressful class.