Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: What Kind Of Disney Princess Are You?

Hey guys!  Welcome to my new series called Quiz Tuesday!  I'm obsessed with all the different quizzes online so I thought why not blog it.  I'll share which quiz I took and my results.  You guys can take it and share your results as well.  Today's quiz comes from BuzzFeed.  It is the What Kind Of Disney Princess Are You quiz and you can take it here.

I got Revival Princess!  Here's what my results say: You’re a Revival Princess. Goofy, fun, and spunky. You appeal to the modern girl. You’re always bubbling with energy, but you aren’t perfect, and you aren’t afraid to let the world know that (seriously how many times do you have to shove how goofy and relatable you are in our face?).

I totally agree with this!  I am a very bubbly person and I do speak up A LOT.  Make sure you take it and share your results!