Sunday, January 11, 2015

Is Technology Taking Over Your Life?

This quote is true for many of us especially in today's society.  People live their lives through social media instead of having real human interaction.  I will be 26 in July and to be honest I miss the days where Internet and computers hardly existed.

Growing up we did have a computer but the Internet was sketchy.  We certainly didn't have Facebook or Twitter.  I got my first cell phone at 15 when now kids have them at 10.  I had sleepovers all the time when I was a kid and we didn't have a Wii or iPad to keep us entertained.  We listened to a boom box, played board games, and made up stories for our Barbies.  We also used real film and developed our photos to display.

I feel like this generation is missing out!  They live through social media and their phones.  Kids need to experience an actual childhood!  My nieces who are 3 and 4 can use an iPad better than I can!  Go outside and put down the technology!  Experience the real world!

This goes for all of us as well.  I don't know how many times I've been having a conversation and the other person pulls out their phone.  It's SO annoying!  Let's change this!  I'm not saying that technology isn't helpful, I just want to fix this vortex we are stuck in.

Make it a goal to have a least one human encounter a day.  It could be at lunch or a random person you meet.  Focus on what is being said because trust me you'll learn something.  Was it hard?  Did you learn anything?  Keep me posted on how it goes.