Saturday, January 24, 2015

Movie Review: Paddington

Today I decided to surprise my nieces and take them to see the movie Paddington.  I grew up reading the books so I was excited to share that with them.  I'm very surprised that most people my age have no clue who he is.  I was a bookworm though so maybe I'm the odd one.

I highly recommend this film.  It is really funny and even adults were laughing!  I also loved the animation.  Everything just seemed to flow between the animated bear and the actors.  The story line was excellent as well.  I'm not gonna lie there were tears shed.  This is perfect for young kids especially because it is only an hour and 35 minutes.  My nieces never moved a muscle so I'd say that is a plus.

If you've seen this film then tell me your thoughts.  Also let me know if you read the books so I feel less nerdy.