Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quiz Tuesday: Which New Kid On The Block Is Your Spirit Animal?

It's Tuesday which means it's quiz time!  I'm actually super excited for this one.  It is called Which New Kid On The Block Is Your Spirit Animal?  In case you didn't know I'm slightly obsessed with NKOTB and I'm insanely jealous their tour isn't coming to my city.  Maybe someday I'll see them live.  You can take the quiz too here.

I got Joey!  The description says: You’re naturally young at heart, and you approach every situation with childlike enthusiasm and curiosity. But that doesn’t mean you’re naïve and helpless. In fact, you’re amazingly talented! If people are lucky enough to see you in action, they’ll be blown away by your incredible skills.

I think the description is totally spot on.  That is how I approach every situation.  To be honest I'm sad I didn't get Donnie.  I just love him so much!  Who did you get?  Share in the comments!